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kenya news - Increased political climate in Kenya disadvantaged tourism . kenya moja tv Shareholders of the tourism sector this week complained of an increase in political tensions in the country, and said the conditions would scare tourists and potential investors.

Affairs Cabinet Secretary Tourism Najib Balala said the protest anti-election body, who has been waged by the opposition to press for reform in the electoral body tersebut-- harm the tourism sector.

"We are going to suffer in the areas of unemployment, which is already suffering from the tourism sector to fade and it will get worse if we can not resolve this situation well," Balala said during a meeting with the shareholders of the tourism sector in the Turkish city of Mombasa.

Kenya news

The tourism industry has been in decline since November last year, after the arrival of several cruise ships in the port of Mombasa.

Mombasa, the second largest city in the country and a major tourist attraction, is one of various cities targeted series of grenade attacks and the kidnapping of foreigners in recent months.

Opposition protests Boundary Commission and anti-independence general elections (IEBC) during the past week, action by shareholders is said to be detrimental to the tourism sector, who has started to reach its peak due to a number of incentives imposed by the government.

The East African countries play an important role in ensuring that the perpetrators of terror and other forms of crime that threatens the security of the country's diminished if not lost.

Balala said the country's image has been tarnished as a result of negative publicity about the demonstrations continue to be broadcast on the road, Xinhua reported on Wednesday morning.

"The media reported that the country flared up, it was negative for the country, and the arrival of guests. That's not the right move and must be stopped," said Balala.

He expressed politicians must ensure that the demonstrations were peaceful and limited to a certain place and do not cover the whole country tersebutakibat political differences.

The small town on the coast of the East African country is the backbone of Kenya's tourism industry, which has been hit by fears about terror attacks and kidnapping of foreigners by Somali pirates from various tourist resorts near the border with Somalia.

Mohammed Hersi, Chief Executive Hotel Heritafe called on politicians in order to resolve their problems through dialogue.

"Kamimenyeru both parties if they can handle it in the room and keep the people of Kenya from there for a while, because the way Kenya is described out there made it difficult to market our tourist destinations," said Hersi.




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